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Fort Wayne Integrative Medicine

Primary, Integrative and Internal Medicine located in Fort Wayne, IN

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Aging and fatigue

Aging, fatigue, inflammation and cardiovascular risk. What is the connection between aging and Coq10. How do you know if you need Coq10?


Words from our patients

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    "Everything I mentioned in our first visit he was knowledgeable on and knew exactly what I was saying. I’m very impressed. His mannerism is very good too!"

    Brooke, B.
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    "I would highly recommend Dr. Vishaal Veerula... I like that he has knowledge of both conventional and natural health and can draw from each as necessary."

  • "The group visit with the nurse practitioner was a great introduction to gut health and maintaining a healthy microbiome."

    Renee E.
  • "The NP's group visit is perfect for someone on the SAD foods and doesn't know much about-Health Foods!"

    Rose D.
  • "The group class is very informative and a great review. Everyone should understand how important whole foods and not eating all the processed foods."

    Sharon L.
  • "It was like a “shot in the arm” to be in a person to person, mask-free appointment. I greatly appreciate the time spent to cover all my concerns"

    Gay B.
  • "The nurse practitioner takes her time and listens to you and then digs deep into your health, personal, and spiritual life to find out what treatment is best."

    Debbie M.
  • "The nurse practitioner was a life changer in my health. She listened and helped identify the best interventions."

    Stephanie F.
  • "I went to multiple drs before. Dr. Veerula listened to me and gave me information and hope of getting better. Very impressed with Dr. Veerula and staff."

    Molly F.
  • "If you are looking for a practice where the doctor spends an adequate amount of time to know your situation and come up with a game plan. This is a great place."

    Mike R.
  • "The nurse practitioner does an excellent job. She is very knowledgeable, yet humble. She is curious and will dig deep to find the answers to your health issues."

    Stephanie R.
  • "The nurse practitioner listened, asked questions, was patient, never made me feel ridiculous, and ran so many labs. 10000000/10 recommend."

    Julie K.
  • "The NP has been so wonderful. I appreciate finally being heard and have never felt rushed during our appointments. I now understand what is going on with me."

    Jessica H.
  • "In the NP's group class the information given is not widely known or shared. Understanding what you need to be healthy is important."

    Nathan D.
  • "The nurse practitioner always takes time to listen to me. I always appreciate the medical guidance presented in an easy to understand way."

    Sara M.
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    "Dr. Veerula truly listens to get to the root cause. For those going through menopause the hormone pellets are amazing. I will never switch doctors."

  • "Dr. Veerula is attentive, open-minded and knowledgeable. I do bioidentical hormone pellet therapy with him and it has helped me a great deal"

    Lily Susan L.
  • "My husband also does the bioidentical hormone pellet therapy with Dr. Veerula and it has given him a better sense of well-being"

    Lily Susan L.
  • "Dr. V and staff are the BEST. Especially recommend the Hormone Replacement pellets, life changing!"

    Amy D.
  • "Love how you are required to take a class prior to your first visit to help educate on integrative medicine!"

    Kira M.
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