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Aging and fatigue

Aging, fatigue, inflammation and cardiovascular risk. What is the connection between aging and Coq10. How do you know if you need Coq10?
Jul 15th, 2022

Vitamins and stress

With many of us moving at break-neck speed, this affects our vitamin absorption. Food is broken down into the digestive system, then the body absorbs the vitamins in order to function properly. Operating at full speed 24x7 the body becomes compromised.
Mar 16th, 2022

The importance of magnesium

Magnesium contributes to over 300-600 processes within the body. It is critical in bone development, muscle contractions, brain, and heart health. Studies show that most western countries do not get enough magnesium and the negative impacts.
Feb 16th, 2022

Leaky Gut

What is leaky gut? What are the symptoms and is it treatable? How does someone know if they have leaky gut? Symptoms may vary from food allergies, bloating, constipation. Learn more.
Jan 18th, 2022

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Offering multiple options for bioidentical hormones from oral, gels, creams, patches and pellets. Offered for andropause and menopause symptom relief.
Nov 17th, 2021