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Integrative Medicine is a specific approach that encompasses every aspect of your life. Dr. Veerula provides Integrative care to maximize your health by treating mind, body and spirit. Patients looking to feel their absolute best, should contact Fort Wayne Integrative Medicine. Please call our office at 260-999-6924 to make an appointment. Additionally, Fort Wayne Integrative Medicine offers both tele-health and in-person office visits.

Integrative Medicine Q & A

What is Integrative Medicine?

Integrative medicine is a specific approach that treats you as a whole person. Dr. Veerula is a board certified Internal and Integrative Medicine physician. Most importantly he evaluates the whole person, including your symptoms and lifestyle. Then he combines effective treatment protocols to help you reach optimal wellness. Knowing each patient is unique, he customizes your treatment protocol based on your health issues. This may involve both conventional and alternative health protocols.  Most importantly, Dr. Veerula’s goal is to obtain optimal health and prevent chronic disease in the future.

What is involved in Integrative medicine?

Integrative medicine is considered a unique combination of both conventional and alternative medicine strategies. Secondly, it is customized for each patient’s health needs. In many cases, patients find an integrative approach is often the most successful for difficult-to-treat conditions. For example, symptoms such as fatigue, chronic pain, neurological conditions, and mental health concerns. A few integrative medicine strategies Dr. Veerula recommends include:

  • I.V. nutrition therapy
  • Non-prescription dietary supplements
  • Gut microbiome testing
  • Lifestyle modifications
  • Low dose Naltrexone


Dr. Veerula customizes treatments to closely match your individual health needs and lifestyle.

How can I benefit from Integrative medicine treatments?

Most importantly Integrative medicine offers benefits that conventional medical treatments doesn’t provide. Advantages of integrative medicine include:

  • Focused on healing the whole person
  • Individualized
  • Safer treatments
  • Lower rate of side effects
  • Numerous treatment options


For instance, Integrative medicine works best when combined with conventional medicine. Dr. Veerula does not use integrative techniques as a substitute for conventional medicine. Above all, he works with you to find a combined treatment plan that gives you the best possible chance at good health and wellness.

How to find us

If you’re interested in learning more about integrative care, please call our office at 260-999-6924 or go online to request an appointment. Additionally, Fort Wayne Integrative Medicine offers both tele-health and in-person office visits.

Our Mission Statement

Fort Wayne Integrative Medicine exists to provide a relationship-focused setting in a healing environment. We provide integrative and conventional therapies for patients to engage the whole person in reaching their full capacity for health and well-being.