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Testosterone and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for men and women

What exactly is testosterones’ function in the body?

Think about testosterone as a hormone that promotes tissue growth. This is often why an image of a bodybuilder might come to mind. Testosterone is a vital hormone in both men and women alike. The difference is men need much higher levels of testosterone than women. Testosterone affects virtually every tissue in the body. Healthy testosterone levels strengthen and impact the health of muscle, bone, and skin. It also promotes the production of our feel-good hormones for sex drive and a balanced mood. In those with osteopenia or osteoporosis, this is by far the best option for naturally stimulating bone growth. Opposed to medications that don’t solve the root issue and have a long list of side effects. Keep in mind that as we age, our testosterone levels naturally decline. Unfortunately, this can increase the risk of diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and metabolic syndrome. 

How are healthy levels determined?

Oftentimes we will start with a simple lab test as well as an investigation of current symptoms.

Potential symptoms/conditions that will result from low testosterone levels can include hot flashes, fatigue, low libido, low stamina, poor memory, depression, and more. We often combine symptoms with lab results to determine the best treatment. If symptoms are positive and labs are suboptimal, then the choice will be discussed with the patient and the provider. Typically, the treatment options as such all are beneficial, but there is a good, better, and best option. Good is pills, better are topicals, and best is pellets. Depending on the situation, we can also begin with supplements alone to boost testosterone levels. Of course, there are also lifestyle modifications that promote healthy hormone levels as well. Such as regular exercise, at least 30 minutes 5 days a week and at least 2-3 days of strength training, sleeping 7-9 hours each night, and weight loss (15-20 lbs.) if indicated.

In summary, the benefits of testosterone bioidentical hormone replacement therapy are:

In good health,

Vishaal Veerula Physician/owner Vishaal Veerula, M.D.

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