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Fort Wayne Primary Care Medicine

Primary, Integrative and Internal Physician located in Fort Wayne, IN

Primary Care medicine offers a patient a provider, annual testing, and basic medications. Most patients who need a Primary Care provider have basic health issues or are healthy. Some patients may have only one health issue and can manage it by exercise, diet, or medication. But to be preventative and maintain good health, they will visit their Primary Care provider on an annual basis or as needed. High quality Primary Care medicine focuses on limiting medication and antibiotic use unless necessary by applying functional and integrative practices.


Primary Care Q&A

Why is Primary Care being offered as part of Fort Wayne Integrative Medicine?

Fort Wayne Integrative Medicine continues to listen to their patients and realized they enjoyed working with the providers and wanted Primary Care medicine. This will better serve the local community by offering both primary and integrative care at the same location.

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We take the time and listen to our patients.

The patient and provider will work together to create a plan to maintain optimal health and identify any issues that may arise.

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Primary Care provides the patient with an annual physical examination, which will include:

  • A weight and height check
  • Blood pressure screening
  • A vitamin and nutrient screening
  • Discussion about necessary immunizations and health screenings.
    • Mammogram
    • Cholesterol
    • Colon screening
    • Diabetes blood glucose screening
  • A time to discuss changes in health and create a plan for the coming year
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Laboratory Services

We offer a convenient onsite laboratory service by partnering with Pathology Laboratories. Same day service available.

Our Lab Services
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What we offer

Fort Wayne Primary Care offers both in-person, telemedicine and when available same-day appointments. We understand some patients feel more comfortable conducting medical visits within their home, while others prefer an in-person appointment.

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Convenient reminders

We know our patients are managing home, work and children or aging parents. To make visiting our office a little easier we offer text reminders for upcoming appointments.

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Athena Health Patient Portal

Athena Health will provide Fort Wayne Primary care patients an online patient portal, allowing communication with the provider and the office. The portal will provide patients access to current lab results, medications, and patient intake forms.

Patient Portal
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Accepted Insurances

  • Aetna
  • Ambetter
  • Anthem
  • Caresource
  • Cigna
  • Humana
  • Indiana Medicaid (traditional)
  • Indiana Medicare (traditional)
  • MD Wise
  • PHP


  • Yes, it’s a division of Fort Wayne Integrative Medicine.
  • We have the same location but expanding our practice to include insurance based Primary Care.
  • Please contact our office at 260-999-6924 or They will provide the proper paperwork required prior to the first visit and schedule an appointment.
  • Our practitioner will work with you to assess your health status. 
  • Unfortunately, the integrative medicine division of the business does not accept insurance. Integrative medicine is more comprehensive and requires additional time spent with each patient. Insurance models do not support integrative medicine as it is today.
  • Generally, health insurance will cover the cost of office visits and laboratory tests for evaluation of hormone related symptoms. However, insurance will not cover compounded bioidentical hormone pellets or pellet insertion.
  • Yes, the Primary Care provider will provide prescriptions for existing and new medications. Patients will need to schedule an appointment if any refills are requested.
  • We offer onsite lab services through Pathology Laboratories.
  • The provider will write a lab request; the patient can get their labs completed all in the same day provided there are no fasting or other requirements.
  • Integrative medicine incorporates both a conventional and holistic approach in treatment, supplements, and medications.
  • Primary Care is for less complicated health issues. Or a patient may want a Primary Care provider than can help facilitate any issues that may arise and upcoming annual tests.
  • At this time, we refer all our patients with pediatric needs to Dr. Gridhar Veerula Jefferson Pediatrics 260-436-7722