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If you are concerned about exposure to heavy metals or are at risk of developing a chronic disease. Chelation therapy is an effective treatment to help reduce heavy metals within your body. Dr. Veerula is committed to helping his patients with this advanced treatment. Additionally, Fort Wayne Integrative Medicine offers both tele-health and in-person visits. Please call our office at 260-999-6924 to make an appointment.

Chelation Q & A

What is chelation therapy?

Chelation therapy helps reduce heavy metals from your body. It is effective against common poisoning from lead, mercury, nickel, cadmium and arsenic. Other metals that are less common can also accumulate in our bodies such as copper, aluminum, zinc and thallium. All can be addressed with chelation therapy.

You may have been exposed to heavy metals from the environment, foods, water or medications. Some metals are naturally occurring and absorbed, then removed through your body’s lymphatic system.

Absorbing too much metal can cause serious health complications, including organ failure and mental  changes. Chelation therapy helps remove excess metals to prevent these complications. It also, may be effective in addressing symptoms related to autism and heart disease, among others.

How does chelation therapy work?

Chelation therapy involves either an I.V. (EDTA) or oral ingestion (DMSA), known as chelators. (any of various compounds that combine with metals to form chelates and that include some used medically in the treatment of metal poisoning (as by lead)).The chelator works to remove excess metals from the body. The medications bind to heavy metals in your bloodstream, so your body can effectively process and filter them out through your liver and kidneys.

What are the benefits of chelation therapy?

Chelation therapy is an effective and safe way to remove harmful metals from your body. It’s safe and well-tolerated. The process is non-invasive and protects you from the harmful effects heavy metals can have on your health.

There may be some minor side effects, such as burning or tingling at the injection site. Also, some patients develop a fever, headache or nausea following therapy. However, these side effects subside rather quickly.

If you have any questions or concerns, please address them with Dr. Veerula and he will discuss prior to your chelation therapy.

Am I a candidate for chelation therapy?

To determine if you are a candidate for chelation therapy, Dr. Veerula performs specific blood and urine tests to check excess metals in your body. He also reviews your health history, potential exposure and physical health to determine if you need treatment.
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Please call our office at 260-999-6924 or go online to make an appointment. Additionally, Fort Wayne Integrative Medicine offers both tele-health and in-person visits.

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